Solve your packaging issue: Creatively, functionally and cost-optimized.

Your job is our challenge!

You bring us your products that you want to pack safely, in high quality and hygienically. A lot of work has gone into your product: now it needs to be adequately protected, transported and presented.

Together, we will find the best possible polyethylene packaging for you:

  • Is your product new and you still don’t have a packaging solution for it?
  • Do you need lightweight, hygienic packaging to safely fill dangerous or other substances?
  • Are there any films that can be used in ESD areas?
  • Do you want to be more effective in your production processes?
  • Is your packaging roll hanging somewhere on your machine so that you waste valuable time and money in your value creation?
  • Is it hard for your employees to grab the packaging bags?
  • Is the shape of your film bag still sub-optimal?
  • Do you need very robust transport packaging, perhaps for overseas?

These are just a few of the challenges that our experienced development team loves to take on. Hard nut to crack? We solve even the toughest packaging problems with our know-how and ingenuity, with creativity, lateral thinking and the required film expertise.


We analyze the ideas or causes with you and offer you the best advice for:

  • Proven PE formulations for optimum film properties
  • Special technical solutions
  • Cost savings in logistics
  • Safe production
  • Efficiency gains in your value chain

We have been doing all this for 3 generations.

Our development team at your service:

Karsten Meuser

Karsten Meuser
Phone: 06322 798-151

André Soyez

André Soyez
Phone: 06322 798-194