Environmental management

We care about the environment. Passionately.

Synthetic material instead of plastic

The building blocks of life: Carbon (C) and hydrogen (H). This is what polyethylene is made of. It is synthetic material, not plastic, and it is one of the most environmentally friendly synthetic materials for producing hygienically safe packaging. RHEIN-PLAST only processes this material.


The consistent focus on single-layer film allows 100% recycling of our internal production waste for instance from starting material. This constitutes a part of our waste reduction. Our maxim is to avoid and recycle waste.

Procurement of hazardous materials is also reduced to a minimum and we are constantly looking for ways to replace them. This reduction reduces both the potential environmental impact that RHEIN-PLAST could pose and the risk to our products. It forms an important part of our growing hygiene management and HACCP analysis. It is our obligation to deliver hygienically flawless packaging products to the food and pharmaceutical industries. And all with 100% hydropower energy – certified.

Interne Audits
Source: Know-Now-GmbH

The international standard DIN EN ISO 14001 for environmental management systems provides us with sound guidelines, which form the basis to align our corporate planning and management.

Since 2013, our environmental management system has been audited and certified throughout. Our current certificate can be found in the section “Downloads“.

The RHEIN-PLAST environmental policy is available on request.