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On the PE film market for 60 years

RHEIN-PLAST GmbH was founded by three brothers in 1959 and is still an independent, medium-sized family business with approximately 110 employees and a sales volume of around 12.5 million euros. The three shareholders of the company are all family members.

There are two factories with 18 extrusion lines and 18 ready-made lines on the company-owned business property of over 25,000 square meters. With a production and office space of about 4,000 sqm and 1,500 sqm warehouse, we extrude more than 4,200 tonnes of PE film every year.

Every year we print 9-10 million meters of different bag and sack formats with custom motifs at our in-house print shop. The production can absorb workload spikes of up to 5,600 tons per year.