Film now climate neutral

Film now climate neutral

12.Juli 2019

5,479,452 balloons of CO2 are saved per day – Rhein-Plast bags and sacs now climate-neutral!

A packaging film manufacturer as a pioneer in climate protection? That’s fine! As of August 2019 Rhein-Plast is one of the first companies in the packaging film industry to supply every product in a climate-neutral way! Without extra charge. In addition, customers can use a special logo (see above) on the packaging material to signal that they too, when using Rhein-Plast foils, fulfill their responsibility to our environment. A certificate proves this. The customer gets a certificate issued in his name and thus reduces the environmental impact of his own company.

carbon neutral carbon neutral
To view the corresponding certificates, please click on logos.

And this is how it works:

The amount of CO2 emitted during the production of the packaging material is determined and globally saved again by means of compensation payments in a climate project elsewhere. natureOffice is our certifying environmental partner. The tracking ID -shown in the logo- provides specific information about the compensation project and the impact of the savings. Just type the number DE-077-836613 in the upper left of the website.

Furthermore, Rhein-Plast has for years used exclusively hydropower as an energy source.


In addition, our consistent focus on mono-film makes all our products 100% recyclable. This is one of the reasons why we distinguish ourselves in 2019 as a “climate-neutral company”.

A fact that we are proud of and that our successor generations will be pleased about.