Mission statement

“We take our responsibility for employees, customers, suppliers and the world very seriously!”
Roger and Thomas Eisemann

Our mission statement is reflected in our values:

  1. Our actions are focused on the good of the human community and the world.
  2. Our activities are geared to the optimal benefit of the customer.
  3. Our work is based on partnership with employees, customers, suppliers and the world.
  4. We are committed to respecting universal human rights and social standards.
  5. Our products occupy market niches with the highest level of competence.

Our actions at RHEIN-PLAST always have an impact on us, our customers, our suppliers and our milieu. Thus the way we at RHEIN-PLAST want to work together, do business and achieve our goals is anything but arbitrary for us.

We believe that consistent observance of human values in all our actions is the only basis for our economic success in the long term. This also makes our work and our lives satisfying and meaningful. Far from being a doctrine or paternalistic, this is the culture we wish to promote and tacitly exemplify in our company.