Modern, flexible production. Clean and well-organized.

Your wish is our command

We implement your high demands on packaging solutions conscientiously and flexibly.

Our technical core competence stems from over 50 years’ specialization in polyethylene (PE) and processing it into mono-films. The production processes are very well recorded and controlled. We avoid waste in our processes and pay attention to the materials used. We use the 100% recyclability of PE and process the internal production waste into high-quality regranulate.

We have several customized and modified blown film facilities for film production in our extrusion facilities that are available 24/7.


From our extensive proven and approved formulations, we determine the ideal mixture for you so that we guarantee the best film quality for your application. A state-of-the-art and fully-automated dosing department supplies the extruders individually and constantly. Well-planned and yet flexible, both large and small extrusion orders are processed quickly, safely and with the best roll quality.

Do your films, bags or sacks need a punchy print?

Then the film rolls are sent to our in-house printing department. We produce high-quality printing films in static or scatter printing using the six-color flexographic printing process. Our annual output is so huge it could be wrapped around the Earth 250 times.

Do you need bags or sacks for your application?

Our machine park in the manufacturing facility is well equipped to produce your individual packaging. The film rolls, whether printed or unprinted, finally pass through this production department, where supposedly simple processes, such as creating a bottom or side seam, become our challenge. We strive to deliver outstanding results. Always. At RHEIN-PLAST we take this aspiration seriously. We have grown alongside your ideas and inquiries. We have incorporated numerous technical ingenuities, creative ideas and innovations in our plant technology. And every day we work on further innovations for the future, standardizations and of course on preventive maintenance.

But what would our facilities be without our employees?

Quick hands pack your products into transport packaging that is suitable for your production process. Our extremely conscientious employees ensure that you receive a flawless and on time delivery.


Production fluctuations can happen. As can little mistakes. However, our highly-trained employees’ expert eyes ensure that our mistakes remain on our premises. In the event that any quality problems arise that give you cause to complain, we make good on our promise, seeing this as an opportunity to get even better.


Together we take care of our added value. The calm and friendly working atmosphere contributes to this. It is our human core competency. You may notice this when you receive our products …