Angle welding block bottom design

Düpolen gusseted sacks with angle welding

Gusseted sacks with angled weld in the bottom. The geometry in the bottom is comparable to that of a block bottom bag. This bag variant is useful wherever the gusset tears too easily due to higher loads on the bottom seam.

Another reason for the use of gusseted bags with angle welding lies in the geometry of a normal gusseted bag. When opening up a conventional gusseted bag, side folds form on the bottom of the bag. Smaller remnants of the packaged goods accumulate in these, for example packaging goods such as bulk materials or pasty materials. Even if these small residual amounts may be negligible on a case-by-case basis, they sometimes still pose a disposal problem.

Possible sectors include the food industry, the plastics and rubber processing industry and the chemical industry.

The sacks are made with a bottom seam. The bottom seam is opposite the bag opening.

In addition, the sacks can be produced with the following special seams:

  • Double-bottom welded seam – for heavy packaged goods
  • Liquid-tight bottom seam


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE

WIDTHS400 mm + (depth of fold max. 2x 180 mm) –
600 mm + (depth of fold min. 2x 200 mm – max. 2x 250 mm)
LENGTHS400 – 3,000 mm
THICKNESSES0.030 – 0.100 mm for LDPE

More variations possible on request!

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