ESD protective film

Düpolex® bags and sacks against electrostatic discharge and ignition sparks

When two non-conductors rub against each other, a voltage is created when the electrons cannot discharge from the surface and remain static on it. This voltage can suddenly discharge, which can lead to sparks that may have various effects – mostly negative for your employees (e.g. dust explosions) and / or your product (e.g. component failure in the semiconductor industry).

It is thus advisable to design the film so that the electrons do not remain static, but can dissipate. This is then known as “antistatic”. If they can discharge very efficiently, this is known as “conductive”. In the marketplace, this is achieved by either producing multilayer films and / or additives in the film. However, there are also disadvantages associated with this: The many film layers drive up the price, additives can migrate into the packaged goods (unacceptable in the pharmaceutical or food sector) or can scratch / smear (disadvantageous in the automotive industry). Over time, additive-based packaging will lose its effect through migration. The films are also mostly opaque.

Motivated by this problem, we have developed a simple but highly effective film: our green (anti-static) and black (conductive) DÜPOLEX® grid printing film: A specially developed paint is printed on a pure, additive-free PE substrate. Quality requirements from the pharmaceutical and food industry can thus be met. Certificates included.

An overview of the DÜPOLEX® advantages:

  • The right film for every EX protection area
  • The packaged goods remain highly visible
  • The film can be stored for a long time because it does not lose its effectiveness
  • Good value for money, since it is a mono-film
  • Active ingredients and food come exclusively in contact with already certified carrier material
  • No smearing or scratching during packing and unpacking
  • DEKRA tested


WIDTHS100 – 1,000 mm
LENGTHS100 – 3,000 mm
THICKNESSES0.075 – 0.150 mm

More variations possible on request!

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