Gusseted bags / gusseted sacks

Düpolen gusseted bags / gusseted sacks

Side-gusseted bags and sacks are used wherever products need to be packed safely, cleanly and well protected. They are executed with a bottom seam, which is opposite the bag opening.

In addition, the bags and sacks can be manufactured with the following special welded seams:

  • Double bottom welded seam – for heavy packaged goods
  • Angle welding (similar to block bottom) – for clean emptying

Advantages of the bottom seam:

  • particularly robust and tear-resistant
  • hard to open
  • densely welded seams

Gusseted bags / sacks are ideal for box layout, crates or rectangular goods – often called inner bags or inliners.

On request, we also print the bags / sacks individually according to your specifications and requirements. From a discreet company logo to a child protection warning text or colorful, promotional sales packaging.

Colored bags are also available, or ones with special material properties, such as antistatic, UV-stable or anti-slip with various ventilation aids (perforated, needled).

Possible sectors include the food industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, plastics processing industry and medical technology.


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE

WIDTHS70 – 2,200 mm extended width (max. lateral folding depth 800 mm)
LENGTHS100 – 3,000 mm
THICKNESSES0.017 – 0.250 mm for LDPE
from 0.012 mm on HDPE

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