Poster cases

Düpolen poster cases


Folio cases are long, narrow flap bags that are suitable for transporting posters, paper or craft sheets.

The rolled sheets are simply pushed lengthwise into the envelope. The opening of the shell is then closed at the end with the long flap located there.

Flap bags are generally made with side seams. This type of welded seam is located on the right and left side of the bag opening, forming the two long sides of the bag, while the bag opening and the bag bottom form the width.

There is a “flap” at the top of the bag (one side of the bag is longer than the other). The flap serves as an opening and guiding aid. A simple mechanism that reduces throughput times and makes the job easier for employees.

The covers are available in “loose” or “blocked and perforated” design. About 50 pieces usually hang on a block. The block is available with or without hanging hole. So the cases can be hung up easily. The employee can tear off the bag easily and cleanly.

On request, we also print the bags individually according to your specifications and requirements. From a discreet company logo to a child protection warning text or colorful, promotional sales packaging.

Colored bags are also available, or ones with special material properties, such as antistatic, UV-stable or with various ventilation aids (perforated, needled).

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