Self-adhesive bags

Düpolen bags with self-adhesive closure

Our versatile adhesive seal bags, known as “self-adhesive bags”, are a good alternative to laborious shrink-wrapping in film bags. Protect your products simply, quickly and safely, without any special equipment, welding device or the like.

Self-adhesive bags are generally made with side seams. This type of welded seam is located on the right and left side of the bag opening, forming the two long sides of the bag, while the bag opening and the bag bottom form the width. There is a “flap” at the top of the bag (one side of the bag is longer than the other) with a covered tape attached to it. The flap is thus used to close the bag.

The packaging process is simple: Insert the product into the bag, remove the cover from the adhesive strip, fold over the flap and smooth down – done. Use it to package any product that is not in liquid or powder form.

There are two adhesive tape variants to choose from

Either paper or foil cover. Both versions are antistatic and do not adhere to fingers after removal. Available with angled or straight flap, multi-sealable or permanently adhesive. The bag can then only be closed once and must practically be destroyed to open it. Typically used for packaging counted parts or complete sets. Especially if they are relatively valuable. Any attempt to remove the seal is immediately can be seen by the state of the bag.

Self-adhesive bags can be used in many different areas / industries

For example, for packaging textiles, such as underwear, T-shirts, sweaters etc. Or in the plastics industry for small parts, closures, seals etc. Also in the automotive or electronics sector, for packaging sensitive parts. Even for packaging food. It must be noted, however, that the adhesive tape used has not been issued with a food safety certificate.

The PE material used is another matter: it is food-safe and has been provided with the corresponding approvals and safety certificates. As long as the food to be packaged does not come into contact with the adhesive tape, there are no concerns.

On request, we also print the bags individually according to your specifications and requirements. From a discreet company logo to a child protection warning text or colorful, promotional sales packaging.

Colored bags are also available, or ones with special material properties, such as antistatic, UV-stable or with various ventilation aids (perforated, needled).


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE

WIDTHS100 – 500 mm
LENGTHS150 – 500 mm, inkl. Klappe 25 – 200 mm
500 – 950 mm, inkl. Klappe 50 – 120 mm
THICKNESSES0,050 – 0,100 mm, über 350 mm Breite
0,040 – 0,100 mm, unter 350 mm Breite

More variations possible on request!

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