Spar blocking sacks

Düpolen spar-blocking sacks

Spar blocking sacks are simple flat or gusseted sacks that are provided with two hanging holes on the right and left above the bag opening and a small block, known as the “block post”. Between 25 and 50 pieces usually hang on a block. The bags are very thinly blocked so they can be torn from the block with a light tug. Nevertheless, the block itself is tight.

They are used to efficiently line boxes and cartons. You can quickly and easily load hanging devices in blocks with whole bag bundles.

Due to the extremely easy opening of the bags, you can assemble the corresponding containers (boxes or boxes) in a few simple steps. The bag can be released from the block and slid directly into the box or carton with a single fluent movement of both arms and hands.

The design of this special block provides a high level of hygiene safety, since when torn, no residues / snippets can remain in or intrude into your (food) packaging.

The regular block strip is eliminated, which in turn means lower material costs. When the bags are used up, only a small block remains on the suspension. This can be easily removed with a single hand movement.

Further information can be found in our “Spar blocking” leaflet.

Possible sectors include the food industry, the plastics and rubber processing industry and the chemical industry.

The sacks are made with a bottom seam. The bottom seam is opposite the bag opening.

In addition, the sacks can be produced with the following special seams:

  • Double-bottom welded seam – for heavy packaged goods
  • Liquid-tight bottom seam


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE

WIDTHS400 – 1,000 mm (width of the article, without side gusset)
LENGTHS500 – 1,600 mm
THICKNESSES0.025 – 0.040 mm for LDPE
0.012 – 0.040 mm for HDPE

More variations possible on request!

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