Tiered bags

Düpolen tiered bags

Whenever you order several parts variably to orders, you will find quick and efficient ways to store bags.

The principle is simple:

The bags are perforated together and wound on a roll. The opening of the bag can be on the side, top, bottom or even as a slot somewhere in the middle of the bag, according to requirements. On request also with tear-open perforations. The roll can be easily mounted on a stand.

Depending on the application and site, this simple structure can be creatively used in different ways.

In the textile industry, for example, various parts are already counted during production, pre-packaged and temporarily stored in bags hanging together. When picking, the bags are then separated into the quantities as required.

Or strips of several bags can be hung together on a hanger with a corresponding bracket opening. This saves complex shelving systems: simple suspensions are sufficient.

We can make tiered bags according to your wishes and requirements. In different formats, materials and with optional extras. For example, small formats for small parts are also possible.

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