Wiper blade covers

Düpolen-wiper blade covers

Wiper blade covers are long, narrow bags that are usually pulled over the rear wipers of cars. They are often used in car washes to protect the windscreen wipers from damage.

At car washes with lots of traffic and at peak times, every second of processing counts. The covers must be immediately to hand, easy to open and quick to put on. Covers that are suspended in a tear-off block in the station or even hung on the dispatching employee’s belt have proven to be useful.

A small opening aid makes work easier, especially when wearing gloves.

Wiper blade covers are available from just 100,000 pieces


Possible formats in LDPE

WIDTHSfrom 70 mm
LENGTHSup to 800 mm
THICKNESSESstarting from 35 my (0,035 mm)
variationsloose, with block and perforated with hang up holes, including opening aid

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