The new RHEIN-PLAST Know-How-App: Now in use!

The new RHEIN-PLAST Know-How-App


The new RHEIN-PLAST Know-How-App: Now in use!

The topic of digitization also increasingly finding its way into Rhein-Plast. A completely new digital microtraining concept has now been introduced in the company. It is a mobile e-learning system in which every employee has access to specific Rhein-Plast training courses via smartphone or tablet.

These are offered in the form of digital learning-cards so that every employee can acquire Rhein-Plast Know-How in a playful, highly effective manner. The first training is about the Rhein-Plast hygiene concept. Further training courses for Technology, GMP, Environmental Protection, Sales, Service and Occupational Safety will follow.

If this is also interesting for your company, please feel free to contact us for further information.