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The place we work and live in

Rhein-Plast Standort

In the center of Europe and at the heart of the Palatinate region

Bad Dürkheim, between Mannheim and Kaiserslautern on the edge of the economically agile Rheingraben, is ideally located with transport links radiating in all directions throughout Germany and Europe.

The spa town nestles harmoniously in the landscape at the edge of the Palatinate Haardt, famous for its viticulture and the adjacent expanse of the Palatinate Forest. For more information and impressions, visit here.

RHEIN-PLAST is located in a commercial area on the edge of the village, surrounded by vineyards and the charming lowlands of the river Isenach.

The excellent infrastructure, the mild and healthy climate of the spa town and its friendly, cheerful inhabitants provide our employees with an above-average quality of life and our company well-trained staff. RHEIN-PLAST is gratefully committed to this site, with the aim of growing healthily and qualitatively there.