Adhesive bags

Tight at the bottom, closed at the top. Bag with self-adhesive closure.


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE


100 – 500 mm


150 – 500 mm, incl. Flap 25 – 200 mm
500 – 950 mm, incl. Flap 50 – 120 mm


0.050 – 0.100 mm, over 350 mm width
0.040 – 0.100 mm, under 350 mm width

A good alternative to the often time-consuming sealing in film bags are adhesive bags. Your products are packed simply, quickly and securely, without special devices, welding equipment or the like.

Basically, adhesive bags are made with side seams (see figure). At the top of the bag there is a “flap” (one side of the bag is longer than the other) with a covered adhesive strip attached lengthwise. The flap is thus used for closing.


Option 1: Paper or film cover.
Option 2: Straight or slanted flap.
Option 3: Multi-sealable or permanently adhesive.

Fields of application:

The packaging process is simple: Place the product in the bag, pull the cover off the adhesive strip, fold the flap over and press it down briefly – that’s it. This is how you can package any product that is not liquid or powder.

The bags are antistatic and do not stick to the fingers after removing the strip. Available with slanted or straight flap, resealable several times or permanently adhesive. In this case, the bag can only be closed once and must be virtually destroyed in order to open it.

Typical applications include packaging of counted parts or complete sets. Especially if they are rather valuable. A removal or an attempt to do so is immediately evident on the bag.

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