From granulate to film tube.

Schematic blown film extrusion, source: www.maschinenbau-wissen.de

The principle has been tried and tested for more than 60 years and is nevertheless more complex than it appears: Blown film extrusion.

The blown film systems have been adapted again and again to the changing raw material properties and customer requirements. Part of this is encapsulated in a separate pharmaceutical area. This is where not only polyethylene granulate but also technology fuses with know-how.


From film tube to packaging material.

The film tube is welded on one side and cut off at the same time. Sounds simple enough. But it’s not!

The film rolls, whether printed or not, go through this production department in the final stage and what is supposedly a simple task, such as making a bottom or side seam, becomes our challenge. After all, we want to provide you with above-average results. No exceptions. That is our claim, which we take very seriously at RHEIN-PLAST. We have grown along with your ideas and requests. Many technical tricks, creative solutions and innovations have been incorporated into our system technology. And for the future, we are working daily on further innovations, standardisations and, of course, preventive maintenance. So that you can rely on our promised delivery dates.

Print Shop

Extended durability and reduced cleaning effort. 2 strong arguments.

Our employees make it possible: In the in-house print shop, they add individual graphic elements, information, small legal texts or labels to your film. This involves the 6-colour flexographic printing process: precise, consistent, abrasion-resistant and colour-fast.

Each year, our workload is enough to wrap around the earth 250 times. Not that we would ever do that…

Primary Packaging

Where plastic turns into art.

Where your product touches the plastic, you use a primary packaging material. And this point of contact is really something!

Whether in the pharmaceutical industry, in the biotech, chemistry, food, electronics or automotive sector etc.: It’s always about protecting your product from contamination and damage, making it more durable or keeping it spotless.

That is why your primary packaging material must be 100% matched to your product. We accomplish this through a countless combination of recipes and production variations. Through different dimensions, designs and thicknesses.

Sounds complicated? It is complicated.

You don’t know exactly what you need? But we do. Just ask us.

Endless Packaging

A functioning solution where it’s needed the most.

Image: IDF-Ennepetal GmbH

Toxic powders and liquids. Explosion-prone filling environments. Sensitive active ingredient concentrates. Nothing must happen here!

For this reason, there are well thought-out and sophisticated filling systems that require a reliable and safe film.

An endless tube package, for example, consists of a specially folded film tube that is inserted into a filling system and functions safely where things get critical. This allows batches to be filled and packaged without a speck of dust getting into the environment. The version with electrically conductive film drastically reduces the risk of explosion.

Single-Use Pharmaceuticals

Where disposable packaging is also often the only way.

Single-use packaging is not inherently bad. On the contrary: In sensitive and contamination-prone sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, it is often the only functional solution.
Not only does it offer the highest level of safety for employees and consumers, but it often even has a better environmental balance:

# Process water for cleaning is conserved and does not have to be specially disposed of.
# Logistics costs are reduced.

Rhein-Plast also supplies the appropriate inliners for processing for these applications. Tailored to the application. Reliable. Safe.

Image: Docking systems G. Untch GmbH

Films for Packaging Machines

Precision-packed with a machine.

Image: HEKUMA GmbH

High requirements for the product go hand in hand with high requirements for the packaging and packaging process. Especially in the bio-tech industry, sensitive products such as pipettes, Petri dishes, blood filters, test tube holders and much more must be packaged safely for protection directly after production. Directly in and on the machine.

The films for these applications – often in roll formatare individually and specially adapted to the machine and the product to be packaged.

You need “film ammunition” for your packaging machines? We will develop and deliver it. It should just work – and that’s not easy.

DÜPOLEX® – Electrically Conductive Films

The innovation in the field of explosion and component protection.

When we were in school, we learned that: Plastic does not conduct electricity. That’s not true!

We have developed a film that protects against dust explosions due to its conductivity and protects your electronic components from failure at your customers’ premises. This film is even certified for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Are you curious now?

You can read about what the film looks like, what it can do, how it works and who is already using it on the DÜPOLEX® product page.

elektrisch leitfähige DÜPOLEX® Folie

Packaging Consultancy

If you don't know what you need...

…we do!

You have a new product? You want better packaging than before? You have automated your processes?
Or do you want to see a sample first and place a sample order?

Together with you, we will find the right packaging. We are sure.

We look forward to receiving a non-binding enquiry and a description of your packaging task from our team of consultants.

Simply use our contact form and we will get back to you. We promise!

Quality Assurance

Nothing gets sent out to you without it.

Finally, the most important thing: our quality assurance.

Of course, we use the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard as a guideline for the strategic orientation of our company. We map our processes in a simple, structured and documented way.

The Quality Management System (QMS) has been our point of reference for many years and, in a manner of speaking, forms the heart of our ever-growing “Integrated Management System” (IMS).

Here, too, we continue to develop and take all internal and external requirements seriously.

Since 2000, our QMS has been continuously audited and certified. You can find our current certificates in the Downloads section.

We learn and improve through every audit in our company. And we have already been through many audits!

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