ESD protective bags / electrically conductive film / DÜPOLEX®

A bag that can save lives. Or protect your components. Also in pharmaceutical quality.


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE:


100 – 1.000 mm


100 – 3.000 mm


0.075 – 0.150 mm (for DÜPOLEX® up to 0.1 mm)

When two non-conductors rub against each other, static electricity is created when the electrons cannot flow off on the surface but remain statically “stuck” on it. This voltage can discharge abruptly resulting in ignition sparks which can have various effects – mostly negative for your employees (e.g. dust explosions) and/or your product (e.g. component failure in the semiconductor industry). Therefore, it is advisable to design the film in such a way that the electrons are not left trapped, but can flow away. This is then referred to as “antistatic”. If they can flow off very well, one speaks of “conductive”. This is usually achieved by either producing multi-layer films and/or adding additives to the film. However, there are also disadvantages: The many layers of film drive up the price, additives can migrate into the packaged goods (unacceptable in the pharmaceutical or food sector) or it can scratch/smear (disadvantageous in the automotive industry). Migration causes additive-based packaging materials to lose their effectiveness over time. The films are also usually opaque. Driven by this problem, we have developed a simple but highly effective film: our green (anti-static) and black (conductive) grid printing film DÜPOLEX®, which can be seen in the video: A specially developed lacquer is printed onto pure, additive-free PE carrier material. As a result, quality requirements from the pharmaceutical and food industries can be met. Certificates included.


# The packaged good remains clearly visible
# The film can be stored for a long time because it does not lose its effectiveness
# Good price-performance ratio, as it is a mono-film
# Active ingredients and foodstuffs only come into contact with carrier material already certified for this purpose
# No smudging or scratching when packing and unpacking
# DEKRA-tested

Areas of application:

Everywhere where ignition sparks can harm people or products. In other words, where either powder has to be filled in dry ambient air or highly sensitive electronic components are packaged. You don’t want your packaging to attract dust? Then you can also use antistatic packaging material.

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