What would you like to package?

Whether bulk material or liquid – not all bags are the same.

Bulk material

According to the dictionary, it is a mixture that is granular or lumpy and can be poured.

The fact is: For every bulk density, grain size, temperature, sharpness, filling process, mass, migration property, toxicity, moisture, roughness – and any combination of these – there is a suitable bag or sack, the appropriate inliner. You describe the bulk material – we recommend the packaging material.


Hot or cold? Thick or thin? What does the filling and emptying process look like? Do you need multiple layers or is a mono-film enough? We calculate the thickness of the weld, the thickness of the film. You ask the questions – we provide the answers.


Do you package individual components? Whether large or small, surface-sensitive or susceptible to light, voltage sparks or moisture? There is a form and a film formula for almost everything. It is better to ask beforehand than to deal with complaints afterwards. That is also our strategy.

What Product are You Looking for?

Their application from A for adhesion bag to Z for cutting.

Adhesive bags

An incorporated adhesive tape closes the flap of the bag. Simple. Practical.

Bags and sacks made from regenerated material

The film consists of at least 80% regenerated, in-house, transparent and pure production waste. Sustainability without loss of function.

Bottom-gusseted bags

An incorporated fold in the bottom of the bag creates a lot of space relative to the surface and remains standing well, also called a stand-up bottom bag.

ESD protective bags / electrically conductive film / DÜPOLEX®

Packaging material to reduce the risk of explosion and your complaint rate for electronic components.

Flat bags and sacks

The classic with a bottom weld opposite the bag opening, or two side welds on the right and left of the bag.

Flap bag

The back of the bag is longer than the front, creating a “flap” that serves as an opening or guiding aid.

Primary packaging/Pharma & Co.

Our speciality! Used where our film comes into contact with your sensitive product. Then often embedded in a secondary packaging material (drum, carton, hobbock, mesh box). For the highest demands.

NEW: Round bottom bags in mono-film version

Your primary packaging material for drums, pails and hobbocks. 100% recyclable packaging materials for pharmaceutical products, chemicals, cosmetics or food.

Side-gusseted bags and sacks

With bottom weld (with angle weld if necessary) and inlaid folds in both sides. Well suited as an inliner.

Bags on a header block, perforated for easy tear-off

It doesn’t get more practical than this: Hang the bag by the holes in the bag block and tear off when needed.

Plastic film sheets

Simply a sheet of plastic film. In customised dimensions. For tearing off or loose. For example, as a pallet underlay.

Industry-specific applications

Here’s what you can expect when packaging in your industry. It is our duty to pay attention to this!

Pharmaceutical / medical / biotech

The industries with the highest number of applicable laws, ordinances, requirements and regulations. In many cases, the packaging material is part of the required documentation and must meet the high requirements to the same extent as the sensitive active ingredients and hygiene products. Implementing regulations, certificates, declarations of absence for SVHCs, clearance certificates, declarations of conformity and quality assurance agreements are the order of the day in these industries. Here you need a partner who understands and keeps track of things.

Food sector

The BRC standard, which was newly regulated in February 2019, applies. HACCP, i.e. hygiene management, and RAL quality marks must be taken into account when selecting the appropriate packaging material. According to EU Regulation 10/2011, packaging materials must be tested for NIAS (Non Intentional Added Substances). You have to be able to rely on that.

Chemistry sector

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is the executive body in this sector. It is responsible for compliance with the REACH standard, i.e., for the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. Companies must demonstrate to ECHA how substances can be used safely and how risk is managed. Here, packaging is of central importance – and must therefore be reliable.

Automotive and electronics industry

High-quality polyethylene bags and sacks play a crucial role in the automotive and electronics industries. They provide efficient protection for sensitive components and keep them safe from moisture, dirt and electrostatic discharge (ESD). They need consistently good quality and must be delivered reliably and on time due to the just-in-time strategy. They should not scratch or smear the packaged products while reducing complaint rates and costs. Customized packaging solutions enable optimal fit, reduce waste and improve traceability

Product requests

Feel free to ask us specific as well as general questions. We will provide you with an answer!

In order to provide you with information or even the right offer as quickly as possible, we need some information from you. In general, this includes:

  • What would you like to package? (bulk material, solids, liquids…)
  • What are your requirements for the packaging material?
  • How will it be handled?
  • Approximately how heavy is the good being packaged?
  • What sizes do you need?
  • Which regulations must the packaging material comply with? (Ph. Eur., USP, DMF, food grade,…)
  • How should it be manufactured? (loose, on a roll, on a reduced header block, perforated for easy tear-off…)
  • What quantities and batch sizes do you need?

You want it fast? Then simply use our enquiry form.

You don’t really know? No problem! Get in touch with us. We will help you find the packaging material suitable for you. Or would you prefer us to contact you? Then simply submit a contact request.

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