Plastic film sheets

Der Klassiker zum Auskleiden von Sekundärgebinden.


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE:


Available in many dimensions


Available in many dimensions


available in different film thicknesses, up to 0.300 mm

Plastic film sheets are available in “loose” or “blocked and perforated” versions, lying flat or folded once.

Usually there are between 25-50 pieces hanging on one block. The block is available with and without hanging holes. This way, the plastic film sheets can be conveniently hung up at the packing station. The employee can easily and cleanly tear off the plastic film sheet.

Upon request, we can also print the plastic film sheets individually according to your specifications and requirements. From a discreet company logo, to a child protection warning text, to colourful, promotional sales packaging.

Special formats

You can also get the plastic film sheets dyed or with special material properties, such as antistatic conductivity, to avoid ignition hazards when handling explosive working materials.

Areas of application:

Plastic film sheets are simple pieces of plastic film that can be used in a variety of ways, e.g.:

  • for wrapping
  • as a hygienic intermediate layer
  • as an underlay
  • for loose covering

Can be used in all sectors.

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