Side-gusseted bags and sacks

Der Klassiker zum Auskleiden von Sekundärgebinden.


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE


70 – 2,200 mm extended width (max. side fold depth 800 mm)


100 – 3.000 mm


0.017 – 0.250 mm for PE-LD
from 0.012 mm for PE-HD

For flat bags with side gussets, gussets are inserted on the right and left during production. They “expand” and increase the filling volume during use.

In addition, the bags and sacks can be manufactured with the following special weld seams:

  • Double bottom weld – for heavy packaged goods
  • Angle welding (similar to block bottoms) – for clean residual emptying and suitable lining in a cardboard box or crate. Also available on a reduced header block, perforated for easy tear-off

Advantages of the bottom weld:

  • particularly stable and tear-resistant
  • tight weld seams

You can also get them dyed or with special material properties, such as antistatic, UV-stable or slip-resistant, or with various venting aids (perforated, needled).

When do you tear it off?

Best if you want to easily and quickly line a box or carton in one frequently occurring operation. Then use our bags on a header block, perforated for easy tear-off.

Areas of application:

Side-gusseted bags and sacks are used wherever products need to be packed safely, cleanly and securely. They are made with a bottom weld located opposite the bag opening.

Side-gusseted bags and sacks are ideal for lining cardboard boxes, crates or square/rectangular goods – often called inner bags or inliners.

Possible industries are e.g. the food industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, plastics processing industry, medical technology.

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