Bottom-gusseted bags

You need space for your product? Die Bodenfalte bietet ihn.


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE:


80 mm to 550 mm (blocked only 500 mm)


300 mm to 1050 mm
Bottom fold to max. 100 mm, depending on material thickness


0.017 – 0.250 mm for PE-LD
from 0.012 mm for PE-HD

Basically, bottom-gusseted bags are made with side seams. This type of weld lies to the right and left side of the pouch opening and represents the two long sides of the pouch, while in the width of the pouch lie the pouch opening and the pouch bottom.

At the bottom of the bag there is a “base”—a fold, as you know it from conventional carrier bags, for example. This makes the bag more spacious. The flat contact surface ensures that the bag stays in place.

Bottom-gusseted bags are available in “loose” or “blocked and perforated” versions. Usually there are between 25-50 pieces hanging on one block. The block is available with and without hanging holes. This way, the bags can be conveniently hung up at the packing station. The employee can easily and cleanly tear off the bag. Also suitable for piecework.

other options:

# different perforation patterns # cross or longitudinal perforation # full-surface needling # hot embossing

Areas of application:

Bottom-gusseted bags (also called stand-up pouches) are widely used in the food industry because larger fill volumes can be accommodated than with the conventional flat bag.

Applications include for example: Biscuits, noodles, popcorn, loaves of bread, but also granulates, powders or hygiene products can be packaged and presented in a consumer-friendly way.

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