Bags on a header block, perforated for easy tear-off

Simply practical.


Possible formats in LDPE and HDPE:


400 – 1.000 mm (Breite des Artikels ohne Seitenfalte)


500 – 3.000 mm


0,025 – 0,040 mm bei PE-LD
0.012 – 0.040 mm for PE – HD

Bags on a header block are simple flat or side-gusseted bags that are perforated for easy tear-off and hang from a welded block into which 2 holes have been punched for hanging (see video). These are the “block spots”. Usually between 25-50 bags hang from the solid block and can be easily torn off due to the perforation. This prevents loose bags from falling on the floor or creating a mess.

The block offers a high level of hygiene safety, as no residues/shreds can remain in your (food) packaging or get into it when tearing it off.

One variant is the “reduced header block, perforated for easy tear-off”. By reducing the block to 2 small tabs in which the punch holes are located, material is saved. When the bags are used up, only a small block remains as a residue on the mounting, which can be easily removed with a simple hand movement.


Because the bags are extremely easy to open, you can line the appropriate containers (boxes or cartons) in just a few steps. With a single smooth movement of both arms and hands, the bag can be released from the block and immediately slid into the box or carton.

Areas of application:

Possible sectors are, for example, the food industry, the plastics and rubber processing industry and the chemical industry.

This type of packaging is often used to efficiently line boxes and cartons. You load whole bundles of bags, block by block, with mounting equipment: quickly and easily.

The bags are designed with a bottom weld. The bottom weld is opposite the bag opening.

In addition, the sacks can be manufactured with the following special weld seams:

  • Double bottom weld – for heavy packaged goods
  • Liquid-tight bottom weld

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